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Grafton Parish

The Parish of Grafton is a small but active community in the heart of the beautiful Wiltshire countryside, about 8 miles south of Marlborough.
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The local link with our Neighbourhood Policing Team
This volunteer scheme provides people with transport to and from doctor appointments, hospital appointments and so on.
For more information contact 0771 7006787


Bought through local fundraising, there are 5 defibrillators installed in the parish, 1 in each village:
East Grafton - Coronation Hall
West Grafton - Mayfields B&B
Wilton - Phone box opposite The Swan
Marten - Manor Farm, main farmyard
Wexcombe - Manor Farm, Lower Farmyard (left at the bus stop).
Airhorns to attract attention in an emergency - it's a simple solution to getting help on the ground.